How could your Hospital benefit from Q health?

We’ve taken a look at three types of hospitals across the NHS and suggested how Q health’s unbreakable video and telephony solution can improve the uptake of remote consultations in Outpatient Departments.

Select the option that best represents your Trust

Small District General (e.g. Dorset County)

  • A few hundreds of thousands (e.g. 400,000) of outpatient consultations every year
  • Relatively elderly population in the region
  • Remote rural setting with poor WIFI coverage and patchy 3G/4G

Medium Sized Hospital (e.g. Royal Bournemouth Hospital)

  • High hundreds of thousands (e.g. 800,000) of outpatient consultations every year
  • Within reach of both urban and suburban patients
  • Relies on income from elective surgery, such as orthopaedic joint replacements, for hospital funds

Large University Teaching Hospital (Tertiary care, e.g. UCLH)

  • Upwards of 1 million outpatient consultations per year
  • Central city location (with good WIFI and 4G)
  • Predominantly young to middle age population
  • National and international reputation for excellence in its specialist areas