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eHub case studies

eConsult has supported over 10 different eHubs since the first federated working model in 2017. Our change management and online consultation experience set us apart from any other provider in the NHS. Take a look at some of our latest case studies below.


Bromley Connect eHub

Read about how Bromley Connect eHub have delivered 279 additional appointments/week, embedded ARRS staff, and built a strong collaborative team with a positive work life balance since implementing their doctor first triage system using eConsult.


Folkestone, Hythe and Rural PCN

Key stats

  • Kent and Medway Integrated Care Board
  • 7 practices semi-rural location
  • 49,336 combined list size
  • eHub setup October 2022

In late 2021, Folkestone, Hythe and Rural PCN set out a plan to design and implement an eHub to help support the practices that were challenged by the rising demand for online consultation.

FH&R PCN eHub is now processing over 4500 eConsults per month and the processing of eConsults by the eHub is now substantially quicker than the individual practices prior to the implementation of the eHub. The digital infrastructure of the PCN Hub and eConsult Smart Inbox was pivotal in deploying a quick and scalable solution to meet the rising demand of winter pressures.


Hurley Group – GP Federation eHub

Key benefits

  • eConsults structured data is critical to their eHub. It offers a safety capability they simply do not have with traditional models
  • 10 times recruitment from the offer of flexible remote working

Dr Ross Dyer-Smith and his colleagues at the Hurley Group first created the idea of a digital eHub in 2017. The idea was born out of the realisation that they had inconsistency in the processing of eConsults across their sites and a workforce that had a lack of familiarity with this way of working. 

Their eHub model was designed to have a team of highly skilled clinicians and a management structure that could help manage online consultation demand and therefore maximise efficiency. In 2017 the Hurley Group were also an early adopter of online consultation via eConsult, which allowed for remote access, remote prescribing and shared hospital records. All of this was set up to enable safe and effective remote care.


Alliance for Better Care (ABC)

Key stats

  • Sussex ICB
  • 15 practices
  • 169,178 patient list size
  • Live with eConsult since October 2022

The eConsult Health detailed change management programme enabled Alliance for Better Care (ABC) to set up a highly effective digital-first eHub that manages the routine online consultation work for 15 practices within Sussex ICB. The structured approach to training and process development, combined with the use of the eConsult Smart Inbox, enables ABC to manage safely all inbound eConsults. This has a significant impact of reducing the pressure on the practices. 


Bromley Connect Primary Care Network

Key stats

  • South East London Integrated Care Board
  • 3 practices
  • 40,000 combined patient list size
  • Live with eConsult – 2022

Bromley Connect PCN set up a small eHub comprising three practices using their internal staff to help manage demand and work more efficiently and collaboratively. The team now has a central hub to review daily inbound eConsults and manage them as agreed using their collective resources. Dealing with eConsults centrally strengthens the overall working collaboration, shares resources, and sends a unified message to the patients. The introduction of the Smart Inbox gives the team far better visibility of eConsults and enables better prioritisation and efficient workflow processes.

GP practice case studies

We are currently live in over 3000 NHS GP practices across the UK. The benefits of using eConsult can be seen in multiple ways from improved triage efficiency, reduced spending or increased patient safety. Take a look at some of our latest case studies below.

Pulborough Medical Practice

How Pulborough Medical Practice saved GP time and made care navigation faster.

January 2024

Key stats

  • Practice size: 13,229
  • Location: West Sussex
  • Clinical system: TPP
  • Go Live date with eConsult: April 2020
  • Go Live with Smart inbox: August 2023
  • eConsult opening hours: 7am to 5pm
  • Average number of eConsults submitted per day: 20/30


Have you been thinking about how to free up your GPs’ time, save administrative time, or maximise the use of your ARRS roles?

This is what Pulborough Medical Group, a practice in West Sussex with 13,000 patients, has done.

We wanted to showcase their model, and the innovative ways in which their team of three care navigators have exclusively taken on the management of eConsults.

The Lodge Health Partnership eConsult case study

Transformation to Total Triage

Key stats

  • Patient List size: Circa 21,000 patients
  • Launched with eConsult: August 2022
  • Launched with Smart Inbox: 16th October 2023
  • Launched a Total Triage Model: 30th October 2023
  • Model: Total Triage Model


The Lodge Health Partnership, based in St Albans, is made up of three practices with a combined list size of circa 21,000 patients. The Partnership has used Consult since 2022 receiving submissions into their clinical system. This process was embedded with an administrative led approach, receiving an average of 740 eConsults a month.

The Lodge Health Partnership were keen to improve patients’ access to the practices’ services and maintain an equitable approach to patient care. After working with the General Practice Improvement Programme, they decided to transform their practice’s processes to a Total Triage model in 2023.

Barnsbury Medical Practice and Islington GP Federation eConsult case study

Key stats

Find out how Barnsbury Practice changed their model and used eConsult to get rid of their 8am rush, reduce telephone waiting times and improve patient access and staff morale.

  • Patient List size: 4,960
  • Launched with eConsult: April 2020
  • Launch date with Total triage and the Smart Inbox: August 2023
  • Model: Total Triage via Smart Inbox

Watch the interview with Dr Grace McGeoch, GP, Design and Mobilisation Lead at Barnsbury Medical Practice and Phoebe Alexander, Product Development Executive at Islington GP Federation:

Old Model

New Model

Forge Medical Practice

Key stats

  • Patient List size: 9,819
  • Launched with eConsult: July 2019
  • Launch date with Total Triage and the Smart Inbox: April 2023
  • Model: eConsult Smart Inbox

Forge Medical Practice decided to move away from the traditional 8am model to an approach that enabled the practice to better manage demand for their services and ensure equitable care for their patient population through an assessment of need model.

Although the phone line will always remain an option, the practice now has an average of 72% of requests coming in online, including from patients in their 90s.

Brocklebank Practice

Key stats

  • Patient List size: 16,743
  • Launched: 8th December 2022
  • Clinical System: EMIS

Brocklebank Practice forms part of the Brocklebank PCN ( South West London ICB), two other practices in the PCN are already benefiting from eConsult and the ongoing implementation support.

Before using eConsult Brocklebank Practice was using a different app-based, free-text-heavy online consultation provider. The practice found that their workload was increasing because patients could use the previous OLC solution to directly book appointments without having to provide a reason or go through a practice-led triage process.

The Transformation were brought in to help Brocklebank change their processes and take advantage of online consultation.

Sidcup Medical Centre

Key stats

  • Patient List size: 11,900
  • Launched: 28th November 2017
  • Model: telephone to online triage

Around a third of patients at Sidcup Medical Centre have been converted to eConsult, and we estimate we’ve saved around £40,000 in a year through better patient triaging, remote closure, and by having a patient’s history upfront.

Hillview Surgery, Perivale

Key stats

  • Patient List size: 11,000
  • Launched: April 2020
  • Model: Total Triage

Hillview Surgery started using eConsult in April 2020 to support them through the COVID-19 pandemic. The practice was struggling to manage the number of telephone calls and clinical teams were spending time supporting the administrative team. Knowing this was unsustainable as the pandemic increased, the practice looked to technology to support them.

eHub funding

North Surgery, Annan

Key stats

  • Patient List size: 7,500 patients
  • Location: Rural practice, Annan, South West Scotland
  • Launched with eConsult: April 2020
  • Model: Routine / On the day

North Surgery was one of the first practices in West Scotland to implement eConsult and to understand how online consultation could improve practice efficiency and patient safety, especially during COVID-19. In the space of two weeks, both of the practices in Annan rolled-out eConsult to their patients, in order to keep the community and the practice staff safe. Patients have appreciated the ability to seek help from their practice during lockdown and now use it as the principal access route for help and advice.

The patient experience

The benefits are not just felt by Practice staff. We hear feedback from 1000s of patients that eConsult has made it easier to access their healthcare, and improved patient safety and overall experience. Take a look at some of our latest patient case studies below.

“eConsult will lead to better outcomes for patients” | Lyn Wheeler

Lyn Wheeler, the PPG lead for South View Partnership explains how General Practice in the NHS has changed for her. Lyn talks about the benefits that eConsult has brought to her and other patients at South View Partnership, that have been emphasised during the current COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic.

What are online consultations?

An online consultation enables you to contact a GP or other health professional over the internet. It saves you waiting for an appointment or going to the GP surgery. You can tell your GP about your health using a smartphone, tablet or computer. The type of online consultation you have depends on your GP surgery.

How does eConsult work?

eConsult enables NHS based GP practices to offer online consultations to their patients. This allows patients to submit their symptoms or requests to their own GP electronically, and offers around the clock NHS self-help information, signposting to services, and a symptom checker.