eConsult Case Studies

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We have more experience than any other online consultation provider. Read the eConsult case studies to see how our experience across thousands of practices can help you transform the way you deliver care to your patients.

We know every practice is different which is why we suggest a different workflow for different practices.

How to use eConsult in your practice

Total Triage

NHSE have suggested that practices move to a ‘Total Triage’ way of working. Under a Total Triage model of care, any request for the practice comes through an eConsult. This gives the practice the best possible control over their patient requests, so they can care for patients based on clinical need. We can help practices understand how to care for patients who are unable to use eConsult for whatever reason.

  1. Mayflower Medical Group Devon
  2. Beacon Medical Group
  3. Brownlow Health

Same the Day Demand Model

eConsult can be used to replace any patient request for a same day appointment. Patients can still book routine appointments via standard routes, but if patients think they should be seen sooner, they will submit an eConsult and the NHS GP practice will decide how soon they are seen. A practice can better manage patients based on clinical need, rather than who calls the practice first.

1. Sidcup

Before eConsult

  1. Patients ring practice from 8am to request a same day appointment. Long wait time for patients
  2. Duty doctor telephone triage: 40-50 callbacks/ day
  3. Doctor leaves at 9pm

After eConsult

  1. Telephone triage is replaced by eConsult. Instant access 24/7
  2. More efficient online triage. Fewer duty doctor telephone callbacks.
  3. Majority of patients are managed without a face to face. Duty doctor leaves at 6pm

2. Stonehaven

Before eConsult

  1. Patients queue at practice from 8am to request an on the day appointment
  2. 60-70 walk-ins everyday regardless of need
  3. Long patient wait and increased pressure on the practice. Some patients may not require a GP

After eConsult

  1. All on the day requests come through eConsult, rather than walk-in
  2. 50-60 eConsults/day triaged by clinical need by duty doctor
  3. Majority of patients are managed without a face to face. Duty doctor leaves at 6pm

Routine appointments

An NHS GP practice introduces eConsult as a new method of contact for the practice. By replacing a current contact method with eConsult, a practice can better manage patient demand and give patients better access without having to leave home.

1. Hedge End

Before eConsult

  1. Patients contact GPs through existing methods
  2. Increased demand for appointments and difficulty managing patient needs
  3. Increased stress on practice Difficult to book appointments

After eConsult

  1. Practice introduce eConsult
  2. Direct marketing from practice to raise awareness and use of eConsult
  3. 25% channel shift to online. Save one GP slot per week.

2. Chelston​ Hall

Before eConsult

  1. Patients contact GPs through existing methods
  2. GPs still see the most patients regardless of need
  3. Most expensive resources seeing the most patients – difficulty managing workload

After eConsult

  1. eConsult added as a new contact path to replace some of the demand through other channels
  2. All requests through eConsult are triaged to the most appropriate healthcare professional
  3. Improved use of resources, GPs see the most complex patients. Other healthcare professional see relevant patients

Centralised Working Model

An eHub is a centralised processing model of delivering eConsult at scale across multiple practices. Using the ‘traditional eConsult model’ individual practices receive eConsults from patients on their list and the requests are dealt with by healthcare professionals and admin staff at that site.

1. eHub

Standard eConsult model

  1. eConsults sent to practice as normal
  2. All eConsults managed by individual practice
  3. Continuous need for training. No shared resources

With centralised working model

  1. All eConsults go through a centralised processing hub
  2. More than 75% remote closure rate by a specialist team
  3. Practice relevant requests are triaged back to practice. Resources shared across the practice. Available in and out of hours
What are online consultations?

An online consultation enables you to contact a GP or other health professional over the internet. It saves you waiting for an appointment or going to the GP surgery. You can tell your GP about your health using a smartphone, tablet or computer. The type of online consultation you have depends on your GP surgery.

How does eConsult work?

eConsult enables NHS based GP practices to offer online consultations to their patients. This allows patients to submit their symptoms or requests to their own GP electronically, and offers around the clock NHS self-help information, signposting to services, and a symptom checker.