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We’ve been helping NHS GP practices use digital triage platforms for longer than anyone else – our team are the experts.

Our webinars are here to help you get the most out of eConsult. We have a mix of live webinars and on-demand webinars that you can watch at any time. We’ve broken them out into relevant topics for ease.

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eConsult features

Meet our Smart Inbox

Our Smart Inbox is a customisable and collaborative way for you to view, manage and respond to your patients’ needs, from anywhere and at any scale. In this webinar, we outline the vision for the Smart Inbox and the latest developments and testing happening in practices now.

eConsult toolbar

Our toolbar makes responding to patients easier. In this webinar, we talk you through the download and install process and demo all the features such as how to pull patient details from the clinical system and different response options.

Managing online consultations

Building your care navigation team

Gain insights from an experienced Care Navigation Team Lead into what you need to consider when setting up your team, what the team is responsible for and how they work with the clinical team to safely and effectively triage patient requests.

How to triage with eConsult

Dr James Perry shares his practice’s journey in introducing total triage at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, his principles for good triage and advice for setting up different triage models. Plus, he runs through how eConsult allows him to triage over 30% of consultations away from his GP practice.

Streamline administrative requests

Find out how to make changes to your practice processes and shift administrative requests to get a consistent entry point. Gain all the benefits of standardised requests coming into your clinical system for you to work through.

Working at scale

Setting up online consultation eHubs

Understand what an eHub means from a service and workflow design perspective for managing your online consultations centrally across your practices or PCN. In this session, we talk about the different models and considerations for creating your own eHub, as well as the benefits of this way of working for resilience and retention.

Being compliant with DCB0160

DCB0160 and DCB0129 are the clinical risk management standards that NHS organisations need to comply with when they implement health systems. In this webinar we joined forces with Stuart Harrison from ETHOS, the author of these mandatory standards, to make them easier to understand.

DES funding explained

Hear from the Clinical Director and Digital Transformation Manager from Folkestone, Hythe & Rural PCN about their journey in developing a PCN Hub. They talk about how they’re planning to use the DES Network contract to fund this and what impact having an eHub has had on their PCN.