Small District General Hospital

How could your Hospital benefit from Q health?

Small District General Hospital – (e.g. Dorset County)

  • A few hundreds of thousands (e.g. 400,000) of outpatient consultations every year
  • Relatively elderly population in the region
  • Remote rural setting with poor WIFI coverage and patchy 3G/4G

How can Q health improve service delivery and patient experience?


The Outpatient department takes a long time to get to and patients might be using rural roads when driving in from villages for long distances.

Remote consultations can improve the patient experience by reducing the need to travel long distances into the Department. With Q health, patients can instead be seen remotely, without the associated travel times and cost of transportation or petrol and parking.


A typically larger proportion of the patient population are likely to be older and therefore disproportionately represented in the digital exclusion group. They might struggle with video consultations and would most likely respond well to a telephone call.

Patients who might not be comfortable with technology aren’t suitable for video consultations, meaning they need to be brought in for a face to face appointment or require a telephone consultation. They might, however, be willing to try a video consultation with support and encouragement – in particular if the process is made easier by consultation technology designed with both patient and clinician users in mind, such as that offered by Q health.


Where video consultations work the connection is often variable, meaning calls may drop out and outpatient video consultations would likely need rescheduling. Clinicians are likely losing time in troubleshooting and/or making a new phone call.

Only Q health gives clinicians the flexibility to switch between video and telephone consultations, based on their needs or those of their patients. There’s no need to be wasting time rearranging calls when you can easily upgrade your phone call or downgrade your video call.

Sound good? Give it a try for free until March 2022.

We are offering Trusts and Outpatient departments a no commitment-free trial of Q health until March 2022 if you get set up before November. Get started today, so you know which provider is right for you. 

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