Medium Sized Hospital

How could your Hospital benefit from eConsult?

Medium Sized Hospital (e.g. Royal Bournemouth Hospital)

  • High hundreds of thousands (e.g. 800,000) of outpatient consultations every year
  • Within reach of both urban and suburban patients
  • Relies on income from elective surgery, such as orthopaedic joint replacements, for hospital funds

How can eConsult for Outpatients improve service delivery and patient experience?

Patient characteristics:

Orthopaedic joint replacements are mostly for elderly patients and therefore over-represented in the digital exclusion group. They might struggle with video consultations and would most likely respond well to a telephone call.

Patients who might not be comfortable with technology aren’t suitable for video consultations, meaning they need to be brought in for a face to face appointment or require a telephone consultation. In some specialties, such as orthopaedics, video consultations would be most useful so that the patient can be properly assessed whilst not needing to travel into the department, especially if this causes mobility issues or pain.

Assessment Suitability:

Phone clinics can work well but sometimes a visual inspection and review over video would be most useful, such as for pre-operative assessments and mobility assessments. However, clinicians and administrators at the department may not know in advance whether patients would find video acceptable or insurmountable.

They might, however, be willing to try a video consultation with support and encouragement – in particular, if the process is made easier by consultation technology designed with both patient and clinician users in mind, such as that offered by eConsult.

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