Market-leading ‘structured’ patient history collection with built-in redirection and red-flag safety netting to ensure you collect all the information you need to triage your patients to the right place.


  • Structured histories and proxy access

    Marketing-leading, safe and structured questions collect histories from patients and carers. Built-in flag warnings and redirects ensure patients get the most appropriate care.

  • eConsult for Primary Care

    Photo and file uploads

    Patients can attach photographs and files to their eConsults giving the practice more information and saving them from additional requests later on.

  • Accessible self help content

    Enable patients to manage their conditions with validated self-help content from trusted NHS sources across their online journey.

  • Clinical review content

    Purpose-built clinical review questionnaires to help look after all your chronic patients and those who have regular touch points with the practice

  • Local services integration

    Build your own local services into the patient journey, offering customised options for services such as physio and mental health support.

  • NHS App integration

    Patients with NHS login can use the NHS App or go online to request GP advice without the need to provide their details again, giving you verified patient information.

Practice Management:

GP practice workload is growing which is why all of our features are designed to help you manage your patient need and improve practice efficiency.

  • Clinical system integration

    Built to integrate with your clinical system to improve efficiency. We currently have interoperability with EMIS, SystmOne & Vision.

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  • How to unlock PCN Hub funding - NHS - eConsult


    We will soon be able to code eConsult submissions with SNOMED and QOF codes, automatically saving you time.

  • eConsult Smart Inbox

    Smart Inbox

    Designed to improve your triage experience, giving you the ability to filter and view all eConsults and assign them to the right role, team and urgency.

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  • Patient demand management

    Patient demand features

    Customisable access times, ad-hoc switch off and capping features allow your practice to manage when and how patients access your online consultation services.

Patient Communication:

GP practice workload is growing which is why all of our features are designed to help you manage your patient need and improve practice efficiency.

  • eConsult SMS


    Sending your patient an SMS is perfect for patients who need a quick update or response in up to 1,000 characters.

  • eConsult email


    Free, one-way email response to patients to make it easier for you to manage your patients when they start their journey online.

  • Outpatients - eConsult

    Video and telephone

    Respond to your patients with our online telephony feature and quickly switch to a video consultation if needed.

  • eConsult self help information

    Self-help information

    Include validated patient information videos, guides and links from the NHS, HCI and other charities through our built-in Healthinote search bar.

  • Document sharing

    The practice can send patients important files or documents electronically, such as sick notes, supporting the environment and avoiding patient travel.

  • eConsult toolbar -- download


    All of our communication features are accessible from the eConsult toolbar.

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Support and Transformation 

Experts in Primary care, from Clinical Directors, GP Partners and former Practice Managers – our talented team are here to help you with introducing new digital services to support staff and patients.

  • eHub set up for the future

    Transformation support

    Our team of business change leaders help you optimise how you use eConsult so that you can really unleash the power of online consultations.

  • Multiple access support channels

    A dedicated support team of online consultation experts to help make sure you are working smoothly. Our self-service help centre gives you 24/7 support when you need it most and our live chat is available when you need more.

  • Training guides

    We have a growing collection of training guides, webinars and videos available to support you to become experts in online consultation and digital triage.

How eConsult's structured questions can save practice time

Collecting the right information from patients every consultation is the only way you can make accurate an efficient triage decisions.

  • All Triage Features

    • Adult and child content
    • Clinical reviews
    • Photo uploads
    • Identity collection
    • Upload photos in NHS App
    • Urgent and emergency redirections
    • Suicidal ideation checks
    • Separate admin and clinical queues*
    • Time since submission tracker*
    • Filter patient response views*
    • Prominent pharmacy highlight
    • Pharmacy redirections
    • Local referral services
    • Paediatric eConsults
    • Admin eConsults
    • Health & lifestyle questions
  • All Patient Management Features

    • Interop with clinical systems (Vision, EMIS, SystmOne)
    • Spine Lookup
    • Save responses to the record✝
    • Tag and sort incoming eConsults*
    • Review patient’s eConsult history*
    • Calculated diagnostic scores
    • Manage routing options*
    • SNOMED coding
    • eConsult delivery – email or clinical system
    • Manage user permissions via NHSmail SSO*
    • Self-serve data reporting*
    • Capping
    • Consultation hours
  • All Communication Features

    • Email
    • SMS
    • Unlimited SMS
    • Video calls, instant or scheduled
    • Telephone calls from your desktop
    • Group consultations
    • Pull telephone details from clinical system✝
    • Batch SMS
    • Send links to condition templates
    • Send attachments online
    • Send validated self-help information
    • Patch in your mobile or landline
    • Switch between video and telephone call
    • Share files during video consultations
    • Patient response templates*
    • Nominated GP question
    • Submit for other adults or children/ Proxy access
    • Respond to SMS requests
    • Indicate contact preferences
    • Proxy submissions
    • Available on the NHS App
    • Integrated with NHS login
    • Video waiting room
    • Meet NHS Accessibility Standards

Watch our latest webinars

Case studies, product overview and more

Take a look at some of our latest webinars for lessons on using eConsult, feature overviews and insights from GP practices already using eConsult.

  • NHS GP Practice Benefits of eConsult

    The benefits of online triage

    • eConsult is fully interoperable across all clinical systems is now available with NHS login. eConsult is now live in NHS app, patients can use the NHS app to submit an eConsultation. For more information please get in touch.
    • By knowing a patient’s symptoms upfront, the GP practice can manage patients by clinical need. The practice will then be able to care for that patient based on the appropriate resources available increasing practice efficiency.
    • There are standardised questions that include the standard scoring systems such as PHQ9 for depression and GAD7 for anxiety so you understand you patients’ needs.
    • Our red flag system helps to capture critical illness and signpost patients to the most appropriate care
    • eConsult can help save time for your NHS GP practice staff – the average eConsult takes 2-3 minutes to read thanks to a succinct clinical risk report, meaning you could help three patients in an average 10-minute GP slot
    • Help reduce your inappropriate GP appointments – We have found that on average 70% of eConsults don’t need a face to face appointment
    • Improve your work-life balance and staff retention – eConsult empowers GPs, HCPs and practice staff to use their working day more efficiently
  • Admin Benefits of eConsult

    • Administrative eConsults are marked on arrival and can be directed straight to the admin team with relevant clinical input as required
    • eConsult is very simple to set-up. There is no installing any software, you just need to add a prominent banner to your practice website and tell your patients about the service
    • We have more experience than any other online consultation provider. You will have continued support from our dedicated operations team to make sure you get the most from eConsult.
    • High patient satisfaction rates from anonymous patient surveys
  • Patient Benefits of eConsult

    • Patients may not need a trip to the surgery and their query may be resolved with a phone call
    • There is no need to change surgery to get digital first access. Patients complete an online GP consultation with their own practice when they need to
    • Medical advice is available 24/7 even when the practice is closed – Patients can check their health symptoms  online and receive on the spot medical advice and treatment guidance thanks to NHS Choices content
    • Patients will get a response from their own NHS GP practice by the end of the next working day or sooner
    • Access wherever and whenever patients want from any device. Unlike a telephone call patients can complete an eConsult at a pace that suits them, without taking up practice time
    • Patients can request sick notes and test results without the need for an appointment saving patient and practice time