Large University Teaching Hospital

How could your Hospital benefit from eConsult specialist?

  • A few hundreds of thousands (e.g. 400,000) of outpatient consultations every year
  • Relatively elderly population in the region
  • Remote rural setting with poor WIFI coverage and patchy 3G/4G

How can eConsult for Outpatients improve service delivery and patient experience?


Large hospitals with reputations for excellence and innovations are likely to draw in patients who have to travel for miles to see a nationally renowned specialist, as there are not many of these specialist centres in the country.

In these instances, remote consultations are useful as they can avoid the need for patients to travel long distances and spend a lot of money to visit the department in person. The ability to switch between video and telephone consultations allow the clinician to make live judgement calls about which consultation methodology is most appropriate for their patient, depending on location, demographics and clinical need.


With national and international reputation comes a need to uphold the highest service delivery and patient experience. Any breakdown of video will affect a patient’s perception of the hospital and therefore its reputation.

Using the latest in remote consultation technology with easy switching between video and telephone consultations will ensure smooth consultations and happy patients. This can only be provided by eConsult at the moment, and post-consultation feedback questionnaires for both patients and clinicians will ensure you can measure and report on patient satisfaction.


Specialist, high-performing hospitals can demand the most well-paid clinicians. It’s therefore frustrating when technology difficulties lead to extremely valuable clinical time being spent on rescheduling or troubleshooting remote consultations. This is especially true when the issue may lie on the patient’s side, through issues with connectivity or confidence using remote consultation technologies. In a packed day, finding time to rearrange appointments is an unnecessary use of valuable time.

eConsult for Outpatients had been designed with patient and clinician experience in mind to minimise these unforeseeable frustrations. Connectivity no longer needs to be a reason for inadequate remote consultations. Pick the consultation method that works best for you and your patient, switching between video and telephony as required.

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