What can eConsult for outpatients do?

eConsult for outpatients is a specialist history take, triage and remote consultation platform that has been designed for Outpatient departments. Clinically designed question sets are sent to the patient before their outpatient appointment saving the patient and Department time.

Our features have been designed to reduce your DNA rates, improve clinical efficiency within your departments and improve remote consultation numbers. 

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Digital Triage:

Market-leading ‘structured’ patient history collection with built-in red-flag safety netting to ensure you collect all the information you need to triage your patients to the right place and pick up clinically urgent patients immediately.

  • Specialist question sets

    Clinically designed, specialist question sets, built to gather all the information your department need to get each patient the right care.

  • Red-flagging

    Our intelligent system will red-flag patients with critical symptoms and alert you so that you can start treating them immediately.

  • eConsult for Primary Care

    Photo and file uploads

    Patients can attach photographs and files to their eConsults giving the practice more information and saving them from additional requests later on.

Patient Management:

We integrate with your clinical system to help you manage all the patients that enter your Emergency Department. 

  • eHub set up for the future

    Platform customisation

    Customise end screens to let your patients know what to expect next in your Trust.

  • Clinical system integration

    Built to integrate with your clinical system to improve efficiency.

  • Smart inbox

    Designed to improve your triage experience, giving you the ability to filter and view all eConsults and assign them to the right role, team and urgency.

How Cardiff and Vale's dermatology clinic could shave 18 years of their waiting list.

Using eConsult’s specialist triage, the team at Cardiff and Vale estimate they could shave up to 18 years through enhanced efficiency and improved triage.

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  • All Triage Features

    • Core video functionality – Scheduled or instant video, with a host of features from multi-party calls, file sharing, background blur, dual
      cameras, and much more
    • Telephony – Unique to Q health, the ability to move seamlessly from
      call to video call or vice-versa ensuring there’s no dropping of
      consultations due to signal or WiFi issues, and that those
      consultations that could benefit from video support can be upgraded
    • Reporting – Q health’s reporting dashboards, built to harness an
      entire ICS’ virtual appointment data are customisable at any time by
      M&T. They provide live data feeds from your consultations, to track
      almost any metric.
    • Customised Post Consultation Feedback – Q health’s
      customisable questionnaires allow the trust to ask for instant
      feedback from both patients and clinicians. This all feeds into a live dashboard, so the trust can get instant feedback on virtual
      consultations at all times.

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