What is eTriage?

eTriage is a digital triage solution for NHS Emergency Departments and Urgent Treatment Centres, developed by clinicians. eTriage was designed to automatically check-in and prioritise (triage) patients upon arrival to an Emergency Department. eTriage speeds up the streaming process, identifying sick patients earlier, reducing the waiting time and time to treatment within the department and delivers improved patient journeys.

Using eTriage, history take and check-in is carried out by patients on arrival, thanks to a bank of tablets with the clinically developed eTriage software. This means the patient only gives their history once, and they are automatically prioritised by clinical need, helping you identify your sickest patients quickly. eTriage is currently live in 9 Urgent & Emergency Departments including St Richard’s Hospital and Chichester Hospital Emergency Departments, and Queen Mary’s Hospital, Sidcup Urgent Treatment Centre.

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Live in 9 EDs or UTCs across the UK

eTriage improves your waiting room safety and efficiency

  1. A patient arrives and checks-in

    We match the number of tablets to your demand so there is little wait time.

  2. The patient verified on the NHS spine

    So you know who you are treating.

  3. The patient enters their own symptoms

    So you can continue working to ensure everyone is safe.

  4. The information is sent through to your team

    A triage priority score is added so you know who to treat first.

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How does eTriage work?

4 minutes from arrival to triage

eTriage automatically books in and triages NHS patients by clinical need, ensuring you can deliver the right care to the right patients.

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eTriage enables A&Es to work at their full potential

eTriage speeds up the streaming process, takes robust and consistent patient histories and improves patient flow. This enables clinicians to spend more time with their patients, getting them to the right place at the right time. eTriage automatically identifies urgent care cases first and has saved lives.

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Robust clinical governance keeping your patients safe

Our eConsult Clinical Governance Board of NHS doctors and specialists has designed a red-flagging system to ensure your team are always alerted about serious symptoms and emergencies.

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Case studies

eTriage has already helped save lives.

Within minutes of entering the hospital, eTriage has identified urgent cases with potentially life-threatening symptoms so you can prioritise who to give care to.

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"When I have been here in the past I have had to fill out a long piece of paper. eTriage asked me everything I needed and was so much quicker"

Charlotte, Patient, Bexley UCC

"Check-in using the tablets was smart and efficient. All staff were pleasant. The nurse who saw my daughter explained her examination clearly and I came away feeling that I fully understood the diagnosis. I was seen and out within an hour."

Patient, Bexley UCC

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