eConsult has supported over 10 different eHubs since the first federated working model in 2017. Our change management and online consultation experience set us apart from any other provider in the NHS.

There’s a demand, workload and capacity crisis in primary care that can only be tackled with an at-scale digital triage service. Now is the time to establish a robust centralised working model, taking advantage of centrally funded Network Contract Directed Enhanced Service (DES) incentives that are available before the end of July 2022. 

Implementing an eHub and converting more patient requests to online consultations supports PCNs to achieve multiple incentive-linked targets within the DES:

  • Enhanced Access Payment
  • Additional Roles Reimbursement Scheme
  • Impact and Investment Fund
  • PCN Leadership and Management Payment

Read how Alliance for Better Care set up their eHub

Federated working in an eHub using the Smart Inbox

The eConsult Health detailed change management programme enabled Alliance for Better Care (ABC) to set up a highly effective digital-first eHub that manages the routine online consultation work for 15 practices within Sussex ICB.

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Take advantage of DES funding for PCNS

Crucial to maximising the DES funding is how you workflow demand and in particular online consultations, and how you allocate them across your workload. Moving to a model where you process incoming patient demand in one place and distribute them to the most appropriately skilled roles is the easiest way to create efficiency across your PCN.

See how to unlock your PCN funding
  • Designing your eHub service to fit your requirements and to maximise workflow and operational efficiency.
  • Training on how to utilise the full structured history from patient submissions to safely manage your population’s needs with your available resources.
  • Project management, training and implementation support as part of our dedicated eHub adoption programme
  • Proactive and reactive support – online and in person.

eConsult’s eHub’s bespoke technical and clinical training programme increased the clinician remote closure rate from 63% to 87% (BJGP)

Get set up for the future

Enhance resilience in your diminishing workforce by pooling resources and providing flexible working whilst maximising and upskilling your multidisciplinary team.

Download the eHub summary
  • Create attractive working environments for your team, offering hours and locations to attract and retain top talent.
  • Improve job satisfaction and retention of your highly skilled and sought-after workforce.
  • Future proof your workforce by upskilling your team and creating digital consultation specialists
  • Support collaborative working across the MDT
  • Access your eConsults from anywhere, giving staff the ability to work where and how they want.

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