Why we are doing what we do:


​​Imagine an outpatients department where every referral you received had all of the information you needed, all in one place. That every patient you saw – whether virtual or face to face – was appropriate to be there, had a recent and relevant specialist history taken from them, with questions asked in the way that you would ask the questions as the specialist, and have answered those questions in their own time were more consistently invested in attending their appointment with you. 

And using that history you could identify and request the relevant investigations to be done before the appointment. You could even consistently know the best consultation medium for that patient; phone, video, or face-to-face. And you could even do all this (except the face-to-face part) from different trust sites or even a different location entirely.

What is eConsult for Outpatients?

eConsult for outpatients is a specialist history take, triage and remote consultation platform that has been designed for Outpatient departments. Clinically designed question sets, that change based on previous answers, are sent to the patient before their outpatient appointment saving the patient and Department time.
By collecting information from patients up front, unnecessary or inappropriate appointments can be removed and routed elsewhere (referral triage, PIFU, pre-appointment).

Our remote consultation functionality allow specialists to contact relevant patients via video or telephone call. This enables workforce delivery across geographies.

How Mid and South Essex is saving over 280 clinical hours per specialist each year

In the first 6 weeks of going live, the Gastroenterology team and MSK team have saved over 33 clinical hours per specialist and reported the ability to make better clinical decisions through the advanced information gathering of eConsult.

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What can you do with eConsult for Outpatients?

Digital Triage

Customised for secondary care

We bring the inbound clinical flow of communication to a hospital all into one place for efficient and effective triage.  While other digital solutions out there focus on outpatient appointment booking, patient access to test results, and other aspects, at eConsult we focus on what we do well and at scale – collecting a safe clinical history from patients to enable better care and safe effective triage.

  • Specialty pathways designed by NHS Trusts, across 40 specialties
  • Built in red-flagging and signposting, allowing more effective and safe use than simple forms
  • Smart Inbox tool for managing the digital queue
  • Interoperable with PAS/EHR systems, eRS, and Patient Portals
Full triage features

Outpatients Transformation

Support your key areas of focus for transformation

Use the system for whatever aspects of care you have identified as a priority at your Trust or ICB:

  • Supplementing referral information to support referral triage/assessment
  • Re-assessment of appointment appropriateness nearer to appointment time
  • Enhancing Patient Initiated Follow Up (PIFU) with extra clinical information
  • Helping to assess appropriateness for telephone/video versus face to face consultation, and helping to make better use of the appointment itself
  • Supporting Advice and Guidance / Advice and Refer models
  • Enhancing remote consultation rates
  • Reducing DNA rates
Full patient management features

How can eConsult support your Trust or Department?

Support and transformation

Service support designed for NHS Trusts

Our Secondary Care team work closely with you and our NHS Trust partners to cross-fertilise best practice and lessons learned, regardless of digital maturity or multi-system complexity.

  • Personalised transformation support
  • Extended live chat support
  • Help centre and user community access
  • Free digital training classes


Full support offering

“I was super impressed by how easy it is to send questions to patients and how easy it is for them to respond. The fact that their response is sent to us immediately with [Start Back for Spine] risk scores calculated and an indication of high/medium/low is brilliant. …this will save minutes from each referral which really adds up. It might seem minor, but I'm so pleased with this ability and the difference it will make for us.”

Christian Tam, Trauma and Orthopaedics

“By adding in the additional pre-clinic questionnaire, this will allow the patient thinking time as to why they are coming to the clinic, the symptoms they have and have an up-to-date prescription list available, as well as talk to relatives about their family history. The overall aim is to reduce our waiting times, improve the quality of the consultation and also review the time taken during a consultation.”

Sarah Fairclough, Hepatology

How Mid and South Essex are saving 100s of MSK appts/ year

Watch our latest webinar with their MSK and Gasto teams

Hear how the Mid and South Essex NHS Foundation Trust teams are dealing with their large outpatient backlog using eConsult. Hear how it helps, how to get set up and decide if it could help your department.

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