eTriage Case studies

Read how eTriage is already making a difference in NHS Urgent Care Departments.

eTriage 3-month impact assessment in Homerton University NHS Foundation Trust

eTriage has been live in Homerton ED for the past 9 months. During the first 3 months of going live, Moorhouse Consulting conducted an independent impact assessment. Download the summary report here to read how eTriage is benefitting the Trust.

Moorhouse Consulting 3-month impact assessment

Seen in 15: eTriage Academic Poster explaining how eTriage works

Western Sussex Emergency Department Performance Evaluation

Western Sussex Hospitals wanted to future proof their model of care, using technology as an enabler to prioritise sick patients turning up to their Emergency Departments and improve patient flow to reduce times to treatment by clinical decision makers. They believed that eTriage, a digital triage solution for Urgent and Emergency Departments that automatically checks in and triages patients by clinical need to ensure they get the right care quickly and safely, would aid with this.

eTriage is live at Queen Mary’s Hospital Sidcup UCC

eTriage is an innovative emergency triage platform that gets patients to the right care quickly. It has been created by the team of NHS clinicians behind eConsult, the UK’s biggest online consultation provider. eTriage allows ambulatory patients at Queen Mary’s Hospital UCC to check-in and be triaged on one of the available iPads in the emergency or urgent care centre.