Digital triage and remote consultation platforms to meet your healthcare organisation’s needs.

Primary Care

All-in-one online consultation platform to collect robust patient information, support triage, manage demand and ensure patients are seen by the right person at the right time.



Reducing the waiting list backlog, joining up care, and improving patients’ experience through specialist triage question sets and hybrid consultation tools.


Urgent and
Emergency Care

Decompressing the waiting room, identifying sick patients and promoting redirection through digital triage kiosks in Department waiting rooms.


is live in over NHS GP


Across the UK

is live in NHS urgent and
emergency departments


Across the UK

Immediate Progress in primary care

Aiming for Health Success Research Report

How can primary care escape from a spiral of decline – a future of staff burn-out and further declines in patient confidence? Greater use of e-consultations can be vital to improved patient experience and health outcomes.

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How eTriage supports St Richard's

West Sussex Emergency Department

Dr Steve Searle, from West Sussex, explains how eTriage has helped his Emergency Department retain control of their waiting room and allowed them to manage demand during COVID.

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