Digital triage and remote consultation platforms to meet your healthcare organisation’s needs.

Primary Care

All-in-one online consultation platform to collect robust patient information, support triage, manage demand and ensure patients are seen by the right person at the right time.



Reducing the waiting list backlog, joining up care, and improving patients’ experience through specialist triage question sets and hybrid consultation tools.


Urgent and
Emergency Care

Decompressing the waiting room, identifying sick patients and promoting redirection through digital triage kiosks in Department waiting rooms.


is live in over NHS GP


Across the UK

is live in NHS urgent and
emergency departments


Across the UK

How Mid and South Essex is saving over 280 clinical hours per specialist each year

per specialist each year

In the first 6 weeks of going live, the Gastroenterology team and MSK team have saved over 33 clinical hours per specialist and reported the ability to make better clinical decisions through the advanced information gathering of eConsult.

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Ernst & Young Summary Report

Potential benefit of eConsult to the NHS

Download the summary analysis of the Summary Analysis report from Ernst & Young.

Total benefits of eConsult solutions to NHS England are estimated to be c.£1.0 billion to £1.6 billion per annum given current adoption levels.

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