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eConsult is the most widely used online consultation platform, and the first choice of the NHS.


Urgent and
Emergency Care

eConsult for Urgent and Emergency Care quickly and safely books in, triages and signposts your patients to the right care.


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Across the UK

Live urgent and
emergency departments


Across the UK

"The eConsult enabled me to get treatment for my illness and be able to look after my two young sons. I was able to fill the form in quickly and from the comfort of my own home. "

Patient, Aintree Park Group Practice, Liverpool

"The speed at which my request was handled was impeccable and has ensured my symptoms have improved instead of progressing into something more serious. I also feel that by writing down a problem I feel I am more likely to get the whole picture across better than... a face to face consultation."

Patient, Sidcup Medical Centre, Bexley

"I was unsure whether I needed a face to face consultation so I used this service instead. This service gave me peace of mind that my concerns were heard in a timely fashion without taking up an urgent appointment."

Patient, Sidcup Medical Centre, Bexley

"It is a quick and efficient way to resolve health issues without the stress of repeated phone calls to try and get through to a busy reception. It can save having to take time off work which is very helpful. "

Patient, South View Partnership, Bromley