eConsult works to build integrations with the platforms used in GP practices, and by NHS patients. By working with partners we aim to create connected healthcare networks that are designed for today and built to last for the future, so the benefits can be felt by everyone.


eConsult is available as an integrated offer within the NHS App. This allows NHS App users a seamless means to complete an eConsult without leaving the app. This integration uses the NHS Digital standard CDS FHIR specification, with eConsult as the API provider.

NHS Login

(England only)

NHS Login is integrated into the eConsult platform. This allows patients a simple and convenient means to identify themselves, thereby shortening their user journey and providing the practice with verified data. This integration uses the standard OpenID Connect specification.

EMIS Web Partner Programme

eConsult is fully accredited with the EMIS Web partner programme, which allows the eConsult toolbar product to have transactional integration with the clinician’s EMIS Web instance.

  • The eConsult toolbar reads details of the currently open patient in EMIS Web, and display within the eConsult messaging tools.
  • Whenever a message is sent to a patient via the eConsult toolbar, this can be automatically written back into the record of the patient currently open within EMIS Web.

EMIS Web, SystmOne & Vision workflow tools

eConsult allows documents to be written to the above 3 clinical systems, by sending messages via the NHS Digital MESH standard. These documents are delivered directly into the respective “workflow” features of the clinical systems (e.g. Document Manager for EMIS Web).


eConsult is able to send documents directly into Docman 10, via a secure RESTful API.