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How to transform patient care with post-consultation information prescriptions: Healthinote & HCI videos

Jim Roberts  | 13th November 2020
Cognitant - Healthinote

COVID-19 has accelerated the use of virtual health services, with over 70% of patient requests to a GP practice now receiving alternatives to face-to-face consultations. In addition to video consultations, clinics are identifying a large proportion of patients whose questions can be simply responded to by a message with information on how to care for themselves and what to do if things get worse. 

eConsult has integrated the patient information platform, Healthinote, to deliver a seamless solution for doctors to offer patients clear, reliable health information so that they can better understand and manage their health. GP practices using eConsult can send messages via email to their patients including ‘health information prescriptions’, delivering personalised information that the patient can trust.

GP practices using this are discovering that this is offering great resource-saving opportunities, allowing GPs to allocate more time and attention to patients who, for various reasons, have a necessity for face-to-face consultation.

By gathering initial patient information and triaging remotely, the majority of patients can be managed with a virtual consultation and messaging of patient information. As a result, practices are optimising their services. This is even more important during local lockdowns and for patients who are sheilding.

Replying to patients following the review of an eConsultation:

Clinicians using eConsult have the option to use our Post Consult Message feature to respond to patients. This gives GP practice staff the ability to send a message back to the patient including attachments, rich content and up to 5,000 characters. eConsult’s collaboration with Cognitant, the company behind the information prescription service, Healthinote, allows for Healthinote’s patient information to be inserted directly into the Post Consult Message.

Now, when the clinician goes to send a patient a Post Consult Message they will be presented with a search box. By typing in any condition or symptom they will be presented with a list of Healthinote patient information from trusted sources, including the NHS and HCI’s Health and Care videos, that can be automatically added to the message. 

Within a few clicks, a clinician can now include a video to learn about how to keep your heart healthy, an avatar-led guide to contraception choices, and a visual explanation about rheumatic arthritis treatment, to name a few. Get in touch with our team to find out more about Post Consult Messaging.

What is Healthinote?

Healthinote delivers easy to understand, engaging patient information from trusted sources.

Through the provision of reliable, visual, immersive and interactive content, Healthinote works to improve the care doctors can give to patients remotely. With 43% of people finding current health information difficult to understand, the content that Healthinote provides will be vital as we move to a more ‘digital’ and ‘remote’ care. 

How does the Healthinote and eConsult integration work?

Healthinote offers a quick and easy way to access clear, reliable health information, from trusted sources including the NHS. When responding to a patient via eConsult, the clinician now has instant access to a wealth of patient information to enhance the clinician’s response and empower the patient to better understand and manage their health.

Collaboration brings better outcomes:

Dr Murray Ellender, CEO of eConsult and practising NHS GP, said: 

“We have been building up to a patient journey which delivers an excellent consultation experience whilst optimising GP time and resources for several years, having successfully delivered over four million online consultations. COVID-19 has shown this is the way forward. 

“With increased virtual consultations, it is even more necessary to ensure that we extend the online consultation with clear, engaging and accessible patient information that can be consumed by the patient in their own time. With the integration of the Healthinote platform, primary care clinicians will be able to seamlessly select and share trusted information with their patients. 

Dr Murray Ellender, CEO of eConsult and practising NHS GP,  

Dr Tim Ringrose, CEO and Founder of Cognitant said,

“I am delighted to collaborate with eConsult through the integration of Healthinote.  The integration of Healthinote’s patient information into the Post Consultation Messaging, will extend the consultation, helping patients to better understand their health, disease and treatment.

It is exciting to see that, by bringing health tech companies together, we are developing solutions to effectively manage consultations effectively, saving patients a trip into their practice and leaving them with easy to consume information that they can access remotely in their own time.”

Dr Tim Ringrose, CEO and Founder of Cognitant said,

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