Infection screen feature

Identify patients at risk of having an infection within minutes of arrival.

With the ever-changing risk of infectious disease outbreaks, we have created a new generic infection screening page, so that patients entering the emergency department can be identified as being at risk of having an infection within minutes of arrival.


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The aim of the infection screen is to ensure that this information is gained quickly and highlighted to clinical staff promptly, so that action can be taken as per local policy if necessary.

Patients will be asked to select if they have any of the most common symptoms of infectious diseases. They will be shown the following screen after they have entered their personal details and before the clinical triage questions.

‘If the patient selects ‘travel abroad in last 4 weeks’, then the following screen will be displayed. This helps nurses to determine the severity of risk that travel to a particular country may bring.’

If a patient does select any of the infection risk answers, then they will see a specific end screen that will tell them to flag themselves to reception, just like the example below. However, in line with the new custom end screens solution, a tailored message to suit patient pathways can be written.

Admin staff or validating triage nurses will be able to quickly identify which symptom of infection the patient has presented with when they open up the full eTriage notes in their clinical system. It will not affect the patients triage category but will simply be highlighted at the top of the page.

Staff can then use this information to decide if the patient is safe to sit in the waiting room or if they should be isolated in a side room, depending on local and current guidelines and outbreaks.

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