eConsult specialist: the only remote consultation platform for outpatients that offers a choice of video and telephone

What is the Elective Recovery Fund?

The Elective Recovery Fund (ERF) is a £1bn fund made available to help hospitals recover their levels of activity. Outpatient consultations are part of this scope.

NHS England is targeting at least 25% of outpatient consultations to be delivered remotely by telephone or video consultation

Simplify remote consultations

Video & Telephone together

eConsult’s ability to switch seamlessly between video and telephone drives down DNA rates and enhances Trusts’ ability to access 120% of Tariff reimbursement via the ERF.


eConsult specialist allows you to seamlessly transition from an audio to a video call, giving you the flexibility you need.
It also:

  • Increases clinic efficiency (less time chasing poor connection video calls or entering phone numbers)
  • Reduces patient digital exclusion (phone calls or video)
  • Allows upgrade to video if it would be clinically useful

It saves me and my colleagues time travelling to clinics, and means only patients who need face to face are brought in.

Jessica Aylett, LCHS NHS Trust clinician

My managers have activity oversight, and the Q health team are great at responding to queries through the Live Chat support.

LCHS NHS Trust clinician

The system has great flexibility for the different ways we manage appointment ledgers and rotas in our clinics. I see many of my patients over Q health and have found it great to work with alongside my clinical systems.

LCHS NHS Trust clinician

How can we help you receive more funding?

Many hospitals are currently reviewing their video consultation software. Some have had low uptake, with clinicians sticking with telephone for their remote clinics, for a variety of clinical, IT and demographic reasons.

Our combined video/telephone functionality (one-click upgrade/downgrade) means lower DNA rates than Video alone. The same activity reaches more patients (those with poor connectivity, limited technical ability) and therefore generates more ERF income for the hospital.

data taken from NHS Confederation