Clinical Incident Reporting

This form is to be used to report any incidents or concerns from eConsult or eTriage reports you have received. It enables our clinical development team to conduct an analysis of the event and recommend any changes to the system to reduce clinical risk if appropriate.

Please provide details of the event below and append an anonymised copy of the full eConsult or eTriage report in question.

This form is for clinical incidents only: A clinical incident is any unplanned event which causes, or has the potential to cause, harm to a patient. If your request is for anything else please contact: (for Primary Care support) or (for Secondary Care support) or follow your usual protocol.

Under Information Governance rules please do not disclose any patient identifiable information on this report or in any information you send to eConsult Health Ltd.

How to anonymise an eConsult report

Watch the quick video below or download our guide

Clinical Incident Reporting – Complete below