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How Coronavirus reshaped the NHS – Wired UK article

Riccardo Garavani  | 3rd July 2020

Press article – Wired.UK

Coronavirus has completely reshaped healthcare in the UK and the NHS. eConsult has been part of the companies transforming how the NHS for the future. Read the full article using the link below, written by Matt Burgess.

“Most of the information you get that makes you make a decision as a GP is based on the history not on the physical examination,” says Murray Ellender, a practicing GP and co-founder of eConsult. His firm lets patients send their symptoms to their usual GP electronically and through messaging. Before coronavirus started, he says, eConsult was being used in 1,200 practices. It’s now in more than 3,000 – he says at the peak of its growth 1,400 practices were added within seven weeks. “We’ve taken a process that used to take us four weeks, mainly because of the training, to 24 hours,” Ellender explains.