eConsult pilot study

To prove eConsult’s efficiency and ease of use we asked 20 GP practices to add the online consultation tool to their practice website for a 6-month period.

This page details the main findings of this pilot study together with testimonials from the GPs and patients who adopted eConsult’s service during this trial.

Over 6 months, and 133,000 patients, eConsult saved GPs more than 400 hours in consultation time and avoided nearly 20% of unnecessary face-to-face appointments.

User Satisfaction

95% rated their experience as excellent or good
91% said they were extremely satisfied with consulting online
78% concurred that the service had saved them time
83% were extremely likely to recommend the service

GP Outcomes

60% of eConsults closed remotely
80% of telephone consultations closed remotely
18% of unnecessary appointments avoided
63% of eConsults completed in less than 3 minutes

Patient Profile Findings

75% of users were employed
25-44 year olds were the biggest adopters (62%)
20% accessed eConsult on mobile phone or tablet
9000 patients used eConsults self-help & signposting

Download a full report of our pilot study

Download our pilot study [PDF]

See for yourself how simple it is for patients to use eConsult with our interactive live demo.