Deliverables summary

There is a reason why we have a roadmap

Everything we are building into eConsult is based on keeping your patients safe, first and foremost. With that in mind, we wanted to share our roadmap with you, so you too can see how we’re improving the experience for both clinicians and patients while upholding our clinical safety record. 

eConsult is constantly evolving and improving, and we want you to understand what we are working on and working towards so that you can make informed decisions about your online consultation and triage provider.

New features that will be live by the end of March 2021

  • SMS – another communication option for you to use with your patients.
  • Workflow tool (MVP) – a tool that allows you to better manage eConsults within your practice.
  • Video consultation – improved offering via the eConsult toolbar.
  • Click to call – Toolbar users can voice call the patient’s phone via their desktop.
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These enhancements will also be live by the end of March

  • Amended pain scores – tweaking the pain scoring on 10 MSK templates to give a more accurate reflection of the patient’s pain.
  • Patient information – enhanced resources available through Post Consult Messaging (PCM) and Toolbar.
  • EMIS outbound correspondence written to record, SystmOne to follow.
  • Localised Self Help – allowing Scottish patients to see Scottish self-help content.
  • NHS App – allow patients to submit on behalf of their child.
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Platform updates

February 2021

  • Limb & Joint Problems condition group has had the following questionnaires added, all of which have had their pain score revised to reduce inappropriate redirects and photo upload functionality added:
    • Adult Neck Problem
    • Adult Shoulder Problem
    • Adult Elbow Problem
    • Adult Wrist Problem
    • Adult Hand Problem
    • Adult Ankle Problem
  • Adult Back Problems has been updated to include STarT scoring.
  • Adult Vaginal Problems live – replaces several women’s health questionnaires to improve the patient experience.
  • Improved the Adult and Paediatric Administrative Advice pathways.
  • Updated Paediatric Hand Problem.
  • Paediatric Contraception is now live and accessible to 16 and 17-year-olds completing for themselves, or for parents completing on behalf of a child.
  • eConsult toolbar installer is now ‘signed’, meaning that its source is now noted as a verified and safe provider, no longer triggering warning alerts on your system.
  • Video now has a ‘blur background’ option.
  • Improvements for Ministry of Defence services.

January 2021

  • Paediatric Mental Health questionnaire is now live (6 months up to 18 years of age).
  • New Limb & Joint Problems condition group created to accommodate the below questionnaires, all of which have had their pain score revised to reduce inappropriate redirects and photo upload functionality added:
    • Adult Back Problem
    • Adult Hip Problem
    • Adult Knee Problem – also updated in line with NICE Guidance.
    • Adult Foot Problem