Q health features:

Video and telephone in one place

Not just a video consultation platform?

Q health from eConsult is a remote consultation platform that allows you to seamlessly switch between video and telephone when contacting patients.

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“The system has great flexibility for the different ways we manage appointment ledgers and rotas in our clinics. I see many of my patients over Q health and have found it great to work with alongside my clinical systems.”

Jessica Aylett, LCHS NHS Trust clinician

Not just video and telephone! Q health has been designed to work in busy departments.

How does Q health compare with other video consultation providers?

video consultation comparision

Full product overview and features:

  • Core video functionality – Scheduled or instant video, with a host of features from multi-party calls, file sharing, background blur, dual
    cameras, and much more
  • Telephony – Unique to Q health, the ability to move seamlessly from
    call to video call or vice-versa ensuring there’s no dropping of
    consultations due to signal or WiFi issues, and that those
    consultations that could benefit from video support can be upgraded
  • Reporting – Q health’s reporting dashboards, built to harness an
    entire ICS’ virtual appointment data are customisable at any time by
    M&T. They provide live data feeds from your consultations, to track
    almost any metric.
  • Customised Post Consultation Feedback – Q health’s
    customisable questionnaires allow the trust to ask for instant
    feedback from both patients and clinicians. This all feeds into a live
    dashboard, so the trust can get instant feedback on virtual
    consultations at all times.

Sounds good? Give it a try for free until March 2022. 

We are offering Trusts and Outpatient departments a no commitment-free trial of Q health until March 2022 if you get set up before November. Get started today, so you know which provider is right for you. 

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