Urgent Care – Benefits

• Improved access, 24/7
• Quicker streaming process, improved KPIs and more appropriate management of care
• Clinical safety – urgent cases identified more quickly
• Ability for patient to consult from home
• Options for sign posting patient to self-care, to pharmacy, or self-referral where available

Health Economy:
• Cost effectiveness – reduced expenditure and increased productivity
• Reduce demand – remote closure of eConsults, with reduction in number of inappropriate attendances to UTC, freeing up clinician time to see the patients with greater needs, reducing pressure on the system, and encouraging patients to take responsibility for managing their own health needs
• Reduced costs to both Commissioners and Providers:
• CCGs – reduced tariff payment, with substantial annual savings
• Provider – Increased productivity and reduced resource costs. Concise history documented and automatically pushed into EPR/GP record, before any face to face consult.