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Find out how to set up eConsult for your practice.

Staff are required to read this introduction and complete all necessary mobilisation steps included below before processing or reviewing eConsults.

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Transforming your practice:

eConsult allows your patients to get advice and support from the NHS. Through eConsult, they can:

  • Get self-help information from trusted NHS sources
  • Find alternative treatment options, such as pharmacies or self-referral options
  • Ask the practice for help with both clinical and no clinical matters
  • Signposting available to more appropriate healthcare services

By collecting rich information from your patients about their symptoms or concerns, you and your practice can better manage their needs against the resources available, without needing to go back to gather more detail.

  • Patients with urgent or emergency symptoms are redirected away from the online platform and advised to seek more appropriate care.

  • Patients with non-urgent symptoms can complete their consultation online for review by the practice; we highlight information so you can triage them.

  • You can assign the appropriate person to help them - for example, a Nurse, Pharmacist or other roles; not everything needs to be handled by a GP.

Please note: Patients have the right to refuse to do an eConsult as per their GDPR rights. Please ensure you have a process for patients who cannot use eConsult, or who refuse to use eConsult. You may wish to collect some key details and submit an eConsult ‘Lite’ on their behalf.

The mobilisation process:

The Transformation Team at eConsult will provide a bespoke mobilisation plan based on your practice requirements to ensure you are fully optimised and prepared for receiving eConsults.

  • Stage 1 - Referral Process:

    The Transformation Team will receive a referral from your Account Manager or the Sales team to commence mobilisation with your practice.

  • Stage 2: Discovery workshop

    A member of the Transformation Team will email to set up a meeting with you 1:1 for a discovery workshop to explore your practice’s current processes, future goals and gather some key information to bespoke your mobilisation. Once completed, the Transformation associate will invite you along to a second meeting and request technical deployment commencement from our Operations team.

    Once requested, the Operations team will commence technical deployment and require pre-launch action at this stage. During this stage, they will ensure your practice is tested, customisations enabled and the eConsult platform is set up prior to going live.

  • Stage 3: Technical Deployment - Process Planning

    Below includes a process order of the Technical Deployment stages that our Operations Team will carry out:

    eConsult mobilisation process


    You will meet again with your Transformation Associate to discuss the previous session, verify technical deployment has completed with the and plan your practice workflow and patient engagement strategies.

  • Stage 4: Prelude meeting - Process Planning

    You will meet 1:1 with your Transformation Associate to confirm your practice is ready to go live on the agreed launch date and discuss any questions you may have prior to going live. Between Stage 4 and 5, your practice will go live.

  • Stage 5: Post-launch meeting - Process planning

    Roughly 1-2 weeks after going live, you will receive an email from your Transformation Associate to check-in. You can use this opportunity to book in a session to ask any questions you may have post-launch.

What we need from you:

In order to get your practice up and running with eConsult, we require full engagement from your practice.

Our operations team will also commence Technical Deployment during the Discovery Workshop (stage 1) of the Mobilisation process. 

Preparing for change

Empowering your staff

Preparing your clinical team

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