How eConsult revolutionises practice efficiency

Using eConsult significantly reduces the length of time it takes for a GP to assess a patient, helping to positively impact patient waiting times and relieve pressure on GPs while improving patient access.

How This Is Possible:

Where face-to-face patient consultations take 10 minutes of a GP’s time, a single eConsult can be assessed in as little as 2.9 minutes. Meaning for every face-to-face appointment, a GP can complete up to 3 eConsults in the equivalent time.

That’s 3 patients processed remotely using eConsult, in the same time it takes to see just 1 patient in person at the surgery.

Factor in the time saved by those patients that have received the care that they needed through other avenues, the cumulative time saved gives you and your staff the time needed to spend more time providing the best care to those who need it most.

Why Do eConsults Take Less Time?

eConsults take less time for a number of reasons:

  1. The report format that eConsult generates is always the same, so over time GPs can learn to quickly scan the PDF to extract the relevant information they need to form an opinion about how to treat a patient.
  2. eConsults build into your existing workflow so there’s no need to move from your desk. Your practice manager will receive the daily digest of eConsults and allocate time for you to review them in your diary.
  3. With an eConsult the patient has already outlined the symptoms they’re experiencing upfront so you’re not having to spend your consultation time getting up to speed with the problem.
  4. Simple run of the mill requests such as ‘Fit note extensions’ can be quickly dealt with using eConsult, instead of allocating an entire 10-minute appointment.

Commissioner on eConsult

“Giving patients the option of self-managing presenting conditions is definitely the way forward in terms of extending patient choice and helping to manage the increasing demand faced by our GPs.”

Jeanette Hucey, Associate Director of Transformation Basildon and Brentwood CCG

GPs on eConsult

“eConsult is the way forward in 21st Century patient access to primary care. Our GPs like it as it provides a time efficient and safe way to manage a wide range of patient health issues.”

Dr Ajit Kadirgamar Clinical Lead for The Practice +

Patients on eConsult

“Technically very simple and no jargon. Quicker with no waiting. I was able to go straight to pharmacist. Highly recommend as a first port of call.”

Chris, Patient at Docklands Medical Centre, London

See for yourself how simple it is for patients to use eConsult with our interactive live demo.