Easy implementation

Ready to use from day 1, with no need to install any IT software, it couldn’t be easier to adopt eConsult into your practice.

Getting Started

There are 4 steps to getting set-up with eConsult.

1. Contact us

Once we have your details we can quote you a price for licensing eConsult to your surgery. Remember, the cost is proportional to registered patient numbers, so the total you pay is uniquely tailored to the size of your practice.

2. Give us 30 minutes of your time

This is all it takes to train your practice staff on how to use eConsult as part of your daily workflow. We will provide a personalised training programme that is tailored to suit both GPs and administrative staff. If necessary this training can be supplemented with webinars from our clinical and operations support teams.

3. Update your website

eConsult simply bolts onto your existing general practice website without the need for you to invest in any software. All you need to do is add the eConsult banner somewhere visible on your website. We recommend the homepage for maximum patient take-up.

4. Tell your patients

When you subscribe to eConsult we’ll give you all of the relevant marketing materials and advice you’ll need to promote the service in your practice and point patients towards using eConsult on your website.

Will eConsult change the way we work?

Only from the point of view that instead of every patient consultation being face-to-face, some appointments will be replaced by eConsults. So you’re likely to see a reduction in the number of patients coming through your doors, and a decline in the amount of patients phoning up for an appointment, as more and more switch to using the eConsult platform.

How do practices incorporate eConsults into their workflow?

Different practices take different approaches and we don’t favour one way of working over another. We recommend that you find a system that works for you.

To help guide you, here are some suggestions:

  • Print out a hard copy of each eConsult received and hand to a GP
  • Create an appointment and attach the eConsult to it electronically
  • Workflow an eConsult to the relevant GP in your practice

Whichever method you elect to adopt at your respective practice it’s important to keep in mind that 3 eConsults can be completed in the equivalent time it takes to conduct 1 face-to-face consultation. So remember to allocate time accordingly to maximise efficiency at your practice.

Commissioner on eConsult

“Giving patients the option of self-managing presenting conditions is definitely the way forward in terms of extending patient choice and helping to manage the increasing demand faced by our GPs.”

Jeanette Hucey, Associate Director of Transformation Basildon and Brentwood CCG

GPs on eConsult

“eConsult is the way forward in 21st Century patient access to primary care. Our GPs like it as it provides a time efficient and safe way to manage a wide range of patient health issues.”

Dr Ajit Kadirgamar Clinical Lead for The Practice +

Patients on eConsult

“Technically very simple and no jargon. Quicker with no waiting. I was able to go straight to pharmacist. Highly recommend as a first port of call.”

Chris, Patient at Docklands Medical Centre, London

See for yourself how simple it is for patients to use eConsult with our interactive live demo.