General Practice benefits

eConsult is a general practice triage and consultation tool that allows GPs, practice managers and nurses to:

Determine the best course of action

eConsult captures a patient’s symptoms and, where possible uses standard industry scoring systems such as; PHQ9 for depression and GAD7 for anxiety. It then sends you one succinct report clearly highlighting areas of clinical risk and their likely severity so you can assess in seconds the right course of action for your patient.

Make consultation times quicker

With eConsult you already know why the patient is coming to see you before they even set foot through the door. Helping you to use the short time you have with your patients more effectively.

Work more efficiently

eConsult allows you to maximise efficiency and increase patient access without changing a thing about how you run your practice. 2-3 eConsults can be processed in the equivalent time it takes to conduct one face-face appointment.

Give patients better access

Patients can access eConsult around the clock 24/7 to quickly assess their symptoms and receive on the spot advice about the next steps they need to take to get treatment for their condition.

Capture critical illness quicker

eConsult has been designed to red flag serious symptoms signposting patients to seek urgent medical attention when needed and clearly highlighting areas of potential clinical concern in the GP report helping to diagnose time sensitive and life threatening illnesses at the earliest opportunity.

Make better use of other primary care services

eConsult will assess a patient’s needs, and direct them towards other primary care providers where appropriate, helping to relieve pressure on General Practice.

Cost save at your surgery

eConsult empowers GPs, nurses and practice staff to use their working day more efficiently. What’s more, subscription to the eConsult service is priced per head, per patient, so the cost is directly proportional to the size of your practice.

Commissioner on eConsult

“Giving patients the option of self-managing presenting conditions is definitely the way forward in terms of extending patient choice and helping to manage the increasing demand faced by our GPs.”

Jeanette Hucey, Associate Director of Transformation Basildon and Brentwood CCG

GPs on eConsult

“eConsult is the way forward in 21st Century patient access to primary care. Our GPs like it as it provides a time efficient and safe way to manage a wide range of patient health issues.”

Dr Ajit Kadirgamar Clinical Lead for The Practice +

Patients on eConsult

“Technically very simple and no jargon. Quicker with no waiting. I was able to go straight to pharmacist. Highly recommend as a first port of call.”

Chris, Patient at Docklands Medical Centre, London

See for yourself how simple it is for patients to use eConsult with our interactive live demo.