How it works

4 minutes from arrival to triage

eTriage automatically books in and triages your patients by clinical need, ensuring your clinicians deliver the right care to the right cases.

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eTriage lets you do your job and reduces time to treatment

eTriage speeds up the streaming process, takes robust and consistent triage history and improves patient flow. This enables you to spend more time with your patients, getting them to the right place at the right time. eTriage automatically identifies urgent cases first — and can even save lives.

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Robust clinical governance keeping your patients safe

eConsult’s Clinical Governance Board of NHS doctors and specialists has designed a red flagging system to ensure your team are always alerted about serious symptoms and emergencies.

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Case studies

eTriage has already helped save lives.

Within minutes of entering the hospital eTriage has identified urgent cases with potentially life threatening symptoms.

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"The speed at which my request was handled was impeccable and has ensured my symptoms have improved instead of progressing into something more serious. I also feel that by writing down a problem I feel I am more likely to get the whole picture across better than... a face to face consultation."

Patient, Sidcup Medical Centre, Bexley

"It is really convenient, to be able to email the question and receive a written reply advising what to do next."

Patient, West Wight Medical Practice, Isle of Wight

"I was very satisfied as I was too unwell to attend the surgery but eConsult enabled me to get the medication I needed within less than 24 hours."

Patient, Jubilee Street Practice, Tower Hamlets

"It uncovered a potentially dangerous health issue I wasn't aware of."

Patient, Grassendale Medical Practice, Liverpool

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