Urgent Care – Patient Journey

As a patient, your journey is split into three simple steps:

1. Book in, and tell us how we can help: for you, for someone else, for your child, for an illness, injury, dressing change or replacement medications
2. We will assess you. Within 15 minutes of your arrival, we will have all the clinical information we need to assess best management options
3. We will be able to help you and get you to the right place for your condition, be it an urgent care doctor or nurse, an ED doctor, a GP or a pharmacy.

  • There will be no wait to check in
  • There will be Care Navigators to help you each step of the way
  • We will pick up urgent cases within minutes of your arrival and triage these appropriately
  • We will not need to ask you to repeat any information you have given us
  • You will have the option to consult with us from home and save a potential trip to the UCC/UTC/ED