How does eConsult work?

  1. Set-up

    • We designed eConsult to be as simple as possible: just add a banner to your existing practice website
    • We share our extensive experience of best practices to tailor eConsult to your needs. We are fully interoperable with your clinical system
    • The more your patients use it, the bigger the benefits you’ll see
  2. Your patients’ eConsult experience

    • Patients can choose self-help or pharmacy advice for their condition, and​ send through an admin request online or self-refer to local services
    • If patients want advice from their doctor, they can submit a short form and photograph (if relevant) about their symptoms or condition which is sent to the practice
    • eConsult captures over 100 common clinical conditions, with built-in red flags to highlight critical symptoms that may require immediate or urgent intervention
  3. You receive the patient’s eConsult

    • eConsult reports are sent securely as a short PDF directly into the clinical system, to be triaged by your staff as appropriate
    • Standardised questions mean nothing is missed, and allows GPs to familiarise themselves with the reports
    • Having a patient history up front means you can quickly decide on the next steps, with only around 30% patients needing a face-to-face follow up

We are fully aware some patients may not be tech savvy or experience digital poverty, but if the patients who can use our digital access point use eConsult then it will be much easier for vulnerable or not so tech savvy patients to get in touch by phone.

Bill Graham, Modality Partnership’s Community Innovation and Development Lead – read more

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