eConsult is now live in over 3,300 NHS GP practices, available to over 29 million patients. Since our launch over 10 million eConsults have been completed by patients from across the UK, with an average of 1 million each month. eConsult has been proven to improve GP practice efficiency, saving time and money and allowing for better resource management across the Primary Care workforce.

For patients, eConsult allows them to consult from home and contact their GPs, even during self-isolation, without having to wait in a phone queue. Patients can also search for trusted NHS self-help advice, complete administrative requests and submit clinical reviews to help manage long term conditions.

We have more experience than anyone else in the market. eConsult is a clinically-led business co-created from within our community of GPs, Emergency Department doctors, and technology specialists. We have had over 10 million eConsults triaged across 150 condition templates.

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Features of eConsult

  • The first supplier integrated into the NHS App

    eConsult is the first online consultation service to be integrated with the NHS App. Patients can use their NHS login to use the App and request GP advice without the need to contact their practice face-to-face or by telephone.

  • Free post consult message feature

    A free way to remotely respond to patients following the review of an eConsultation. Write your own message, attach documents and links or use and edit one of our pre-written messages. No need to book in a phone time, just send a Post Consult Message. Healthinote is now also built into PCM.
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  • Q health by Q doctor

    Q health video consultations for eConsult customers

    We have partnered with Q doctor to offer their market-leading video consultation platform to respond to patients remotely

  • Clinical review questionnaires for long term conditions

    We have developed clinical questionnaires that will allow your long term condition patients to provide information ahead or instead of their review appointment. These include: Asthma, Diabetes, Hypertension, COPD, Thyroid, Contraceptive Pill (more coming soon)
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New features that will be live by the end of April 2021

  • SMS – another communication option for you to use with your patients.
  • Video consultation – improved offering via the eConsult toolbar.
  • Click to call – Toolbar users can voice call the patient’s phone via their desktop.
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  1. Collects detailed patient history

    Patients enter their history in their own time

  2. Photo uploads

    Patients will be asked to include photos where appropriate

  3. Administrative and Travel advice requests

    Specific administrative and travel questionnaires to help you triage patient needs

  4. Paediatric content

    Adults can complete an eConsult for children aged 6 months to 18 years old

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More key features for your practice:

  • NHS.UK self-help and pharmacy advice offered to all patients
  • Health and lifestyle questions included as standard (e.g. for QOF)
  • Travel advice – patients can request travel advice without having to book an appointment
  • Local services – Practices can choose to add their own local services that are offered to patients were appropriate

More key features for your patients:

  • eConsult can be used from any device – there is no need to download an app
  • eConsult is available to use any time of day or night, anywhere with internet
  • Simple and easy to navigate interface
  • Data safety – once the practice has received the eConsult, we do not hold onto any patient identifiable information
  • No login required
  • eConsult is not a chatbot – You will be responded to by your own NHS GP practice
  • Local services – Practices can choose to add their own local services that are offered to patients where appropriate
  • Only attend the practice when you need to
  • Patients often get a faster response than when trying to call the practice.