Brocklebank Practice – eConsult Transformation Case Study

Brocklebank Practice – Wandsworth

  • Patient list size: 16,743
  • Launch date: 8th December 2022
  • Clinical system: EMIS

Key messages:

  • eConsult provided multi-level stakeholder support to practice staff and patients
  • eConsult delivered the training in various mediums to match the fast-paced nature of General Practice
  • eConsult enables Brocklebank Practice to utilise effectively the ARRS roles and external signposting through more efficient triage and remote closure
  • eConsult delivered the transition of supplier with no downtime for the practice or patients during onboarding


Brocklebank Practice forms part of the Brocklebank PCN ( South West London ICB), two other practices in the PCN are already benefiting from eConsult and the ongoing implementation support.

Before using eConsult Brocklebank Practice was using a different app-based, free-text-heavy online consultation provider. The practice found that their workload was increasing because patients could use the previous OLC solution to directly book appointments without having to provide a reason or go through a practice-led triage process.

“Thanks so much for yesterday’s workshop. Great to have so many minds and all that shared experience in the room. Can’t begin to tell you how much we are enjoying your inclusive, ‘can-do’ way of working.”
Brocklebank leadership team member

This resulted in patients booking slots directly with a GP for issues that did not require a 10-minute face-to-face appointment slot with a doctor.

The team at Brocklebank Practice wanted to take back control and get the right patient to the right outcome every time.

How did the eConsult Transformation Team Provide Support?

At eConsult, every practice is onboarded with the support and guidance of a Transformation team leveraging change management, healthcare consultancy, project management and primary care experience. The team supports the practice transition to, or initial implementation of, eConsult in line with their practice goals. This includes a bespoke package of training, templates or materials to support roll-out and advice on communicating with their patient population.

The eConsult team worked with the Practice Manager and Partners at Brocklebank Practice to identify areas of challenge in their current processes and create an implementation plan to support them from their current state to their desired end goal. This also meant working to minimise any downtime that might come from transitioning between suppliers.

The Process:

  1. Identified the practice’s goals and the vision of how they wanted to use eConsult to drive true value
  2. Advised the practice on the changes required to implement eConsult and how it differed to their current OLC provider
  3. Worked with the practice team to create new processes and workflow designs, and advised on the different approaches to managing inbound and outbound eConsult activity
  4. Supported stakeholder management plans and the development of a communication strategy around changing OLC provider, including approaches and content for patient education using eConsult-provided collateral, pre-written templates and videos
  5. Delivered multi-medium bespoke training in the platform based on how the practice have designed the workflow and SOPs
  6. Completed train the trainer sessions with the leadership team to cascade training to internal staff members with supporting materials (videos, guides, articles and test environments) and ensure that new staff could be brought up to speed quickly, as necessary

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