by Aman Kundraw

Helping you manage your practice workload

When can you expect to receive eConsult requests?

eConsult is designed to help you maximise efficiency and make choices about how you use the time you save. Having the right data can help you manage your practice workload, which is why we’ve been keeping an eye on when you can expect eConsult requests to arrive in your surgery.

Early risers

About 77% of eConsults are submitted between 7 am and 5 pm and, as you might expect, most patients opt to consult in the morning: peak submission times are between 8 am and 11 am, with Monday being the busiest day.

Monday, Monday

eConsult data reflects wider trends in general practice, and we are finding that eConsult submission peaks between Monday and Thursday (with Monday, again, the most popular day). Only about 25% of eConsults are submitted between Friday and Sunday.

Look out for more updates aimed at helping you maximise productivity and make the most of eConsult.