by Aman Kundraw

Introducing the eConsult hypertension review and iPhone app

If you’re an eConsult practice, you can now ask your hypertensive patients to submit their blood pressure review via the eConsult website — or via the brand new eConsult hypertension iPhone app.

The eConsult hypertension review not only lets you manage your hypertension reviews remotely. It may also help you get more patients to complete their blood pressure review, saving you time and getting better outcomes for patients.

The hypertension review is an optional feature. 
If you’re already using eConsult and would like the hypertension review made available in your practice, get in touch.

Patients who opt to use the iPhone app will have the added benefit of being able to track their blood pressure over time. They can even sync their health data from their phone or BP monitoring device. And when the time comes, eConsult will alert them that their blood pressure is due for review – making sure you only get the data you need when you need it.

Whether you recall patients via letter, phone or in person, we’ve created suggested workflows to help you target the hypertension review at the right patients. Ready to get going? Contact us today.