Downloadable marketing and patient education materials

Once you have planned and mapped out how you will manage the introduction of eConsult demand it is important to let your patients know eConsult is live, and then educate them on how to use eConsult and what it is.

Think about how the changes to your practice will affect your patients. There are lots of online platforms at your practice and outside available to patients to use. Knowing what each one does can be confusing. Make sure your patients have all the information they need to use eConsult. It will save you time later on.

We have put together the following resources to help you.

Understand your whole patient demographic 

Not everyone can use eConsult, but there will be some patients that will far prefer using eConsult. Think about your patients and who would benefit immediately. You can then start with them, before educating the wider patient population. 


4 ‘patient education’ steps that actually work

Get your PPG spreading the word for you

Patient facing videos

Use your practice staff. Promote eConsult in person

Your practice website: the first point of contact for many patients

Your waiting room: Our Posters. Download Leaflet & TV screens templates

Social Media: It’s free and easy to plan in advance

Text messages and answer phone messages

Pre-built marketing plans and implementation guides