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May-Monthly clinical roundup

Riccardo Garavani  | 6th June 2024

Hi all, 

As a clinically led organisation, we thought we would start sending you a regular clinical round-up, with a summary of what is going on behind the scenes and how we act on your feedback.


659,414 eConsults processed in May 

12 patients per practice per month presenting with emergency symptoms being diverted to emergency services 

16,900 patients per month diverted to pharmacy

• 100 template improvements made in response to clinical feedback


Urgent Warning Bypass screen made clearer for patients.

• Dynamic suppression of inappropriate questions related to pregnancy (e.g. where patients have had a hysterectomy).

• Cauda Equina symptoms now incorporate urinary retention.

• Long-term condition pathways now include a ‘reason for completion’ question and adjusted safety wording to minimise the chance of acute issue entries.

• Sepsis questions updated in line with Sepsis Trust guidance.

• Practices in Ayrshire and Arran are piloting our new MSK self-referral pathways, incorporating clinical scoring systems and Scottish Guidance. 

• Practices can now switch on lifestyle/smoking questions if desired.


Delete images – Smart Inbox users can now directly delete images. 

Tagging – Smart Inbox users can now change tags on consultations. 

Split capping – You can now set a separate cap for admin eConsults, allowing you to accept admin requests when you have reached clinical capacity.


Admin bypass

You will soon be able to configure eConsult to receive administrative  consultations when your practice is closed for clinical consultations. 

Improved search functionality

We are improving our search functionality to make it easier for patients to find the most appropriate pathway, rather than using the longer “general advice pathway”. 

Supporting referrals into Pharmacy First 

We are updating our templates for 5 of the 7 common conditions (UTI, sinusitis, sore throat, earache, and infected insect bites), in line with the Pharmacy First exclusion criteria and looking into how we can further support patient awareness of the scheme: 

1.Pre-consultation signposting: our pharmacy signposting options will be updated to describe how pharmacies can treat a wider range of conditions.

2.Flagging appropriate presentations: inclusion/exclusion will be clearly highlighted in eConsult reports to allow fast and accurate referrals into Pharmacy First. For example, our urine problem questions and flags are now aligned to the clinical inclusion/exclusion pathway for Uncomplicated UTI. 

We are open to feedback around this so if you have any suggestions, please do get in touch.



Streamline messaging with shared templates 

You can now create shared message templates for everyone in your practice to use, as below:


• Adult autism health check pathway (piloted as part of an academic study)

• Repeat prescription pathway 

Any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

All the best,

Dr Chris Whittle,

Chief Medical Officer at eConsult