“We are clinically led”

In 2014, four innovative GP Partners at the Hurley Group in South East London pioneered the delivery of the first online consultation. They wanted technology to help them work smarter and quickly grew to become the NHS’s leading online consultation provider. Since 2017 they have been developing a future blueprint for the delivery of healthcare through a digital-first model.

Clinical, Operations & Marketing


Based in London



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Clinical team

The safety of your patients is our first priority

Our Clinical Governance Board brings unprecedented diversity of experience to ensuring your patients’ safety.

Clinical Governance

Executive team

“We lead with our values”

We believe the NHS should thrive, not just survive. Our executive team delivers on our promise to transform care while keeping NHS principles and values at the core of everything we do.

Murray Ellender qualified from the University of London in 1999 and trained in Emergency Medicine before starting his career in General Practice. He joined the Hurley Group in 2006 and continues to practice across both General Practice and Urgent Care.

Dr Murray Ellender, MBBS, MRCEM, MRCGP: CEO

Aman has amassed over ten years senior management experience, spearheading operations within a range of sectors from retail to regulated financial services. At eConsult he is responsible for overseeing operational delivery, business process design and strategic planning.

Aman Kundraw: Commercial Director

Steve has been working in software development for 15 years and has extensive experience in building enterprise web applications across the finance, insurance and new media industries. At eConsult he is responsible for overseeing the product development, platform architecture and technology strategy.

Steve Lillywhite, Chief Technology Officer

Aravinth qualified from the University College London Medical School in 2002 and has been working as a qualified GP since 2008. A Partner at his practice, Aravinth currently sees patients at Oaklands Health Centre in Hythe, Kent.

Dr Aravinth Balachandran, MBBS, BSC, MRCGP : Medical Director

Mark qualified from King’s College School of Medicine in 2014 and has since worked in a wide range of Specialties across Primary and Secondary care. Prior to studying medicine, Mark held some senior strategic and brand executive positions in some of the world’s leading blue chip companies, such as Nike, Speedo, The Arcadia Group and Marks and Spencer plc. Mark joined eConsult in 2016.

Dr Mark Harmon, MBBS, BSC (Hons) : Strategy and Brand Director

Adrian is an experienced CEO specialising in telecomms and technology. Previously Chief Executive of Achilles, a world leader in cloud based supply chain management, he successfully led the company to a refinancing in 2015, before being appointed Executive Chairman of eConsult.

Adrian Chamberlain, Chairman

Clare has been a GP since 1992. She is currently Medical Director for the Practitioner Health Programme (PHP), a service which provides help to sick doctors and dentists. She has held a number of national roles, including: Senior Policy Advisor, Department of Health Drugs and Alcohol; Director of RCGP Substance Misuse Use Unit & was Chair of RCGP National Expert Group on Substance Misuse. She was named one of Britain’s top 100 most influential women by BBC Radio Four’s Women’s Hour.

Professor Clare Gerada, Non-Executive Director

Tim Ringrose trained in nephrology and intensive care in Oxford before joining Doctors.net.uk, the UK online doctor community, as start up in 2000. Tim has led the development of a wide range of digital services provided to doctors and has had considerable experience working with a wide variety of healthcare clients to deliver insights into doctors’ behaviour, online educational programmes and effective digital engagement tools. Tim is currently CEO of Cognitant.

Dr Tim Ringrose, Non-Executive Director

Operations, Accounts & Transformation Team

“First, we get you up and running.
Then we help you succeed.”

We know that change is hard. That’s why our operations team is here to help guide you every step of the way. We appoint a dedicated operations officer to every practice and emergency department to make sure you always get the support you need.


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Having worked in NHS, I was privy to the internal pressures that Primary Care and Secondary Care was under. Being someone who took pride in their role and really wanted to make a difference in the Practice I always went the extra mile for Patients and Staff and looked at different ways to improve the access and efficiency within my Practice. Working at eConsult with an amazing Team has allowed me to explore that with the help of Technology and the determination of NHS Team, change for the better can happen - easier access and quicker treatment as well as empowerment to Patients can exist within this already pressured Healthcare system.

Michael Moc, Account Manager

I have had the pleasure of working with eConsult for 4 years, and I have been privileged to see the company grow from an office that seated 4 people to now over 40 members of staff. eConsult has given me the opportunity to excel in my knowledge and skills to the point where I now manage a team.

Dipali Jani, Operations Manager

"Having graduated with a BSc in Biomedical Sciences, I have come to, not only love the field of health sciences, but acquire a deeper appreciation of the significance of our work here at eConsult. Having taught at a primary school for 3 years, I decided to move to eConsult and it has been an amazing transition, whereby I can now positively impact the lives of people in the healthcare sector."

Samiha Choudhury, Operations Executive

Marketing & Press

“Here to tell you about what we do.”

We have a dedicated marketing team who work across eConsult as well as assisting with marketing collateral for customers.

For all press enquiries, case studies or approved marketing materials please get in touch.

What drew me to eConsult was the fact that we came from within the NHS, saw an opportunity to make life a little easier for patients and people working in the NHS, and decided to do something about it. You explain what we're trying to achieve to your friends and it just seems so logical - why shouldn't you be able to use technology to make accessing care from the NHS easier? We want to help patients to get the right care, so they don't waste their time, but also preserve stretched NHS resources.

Irene Reguilon, Marketing Manager

Having been working at eConsult for only 6 months I already feel part of the family. With no experience in the industry coming into the role, eConsult has opened my eyes to how the NHS works across primary and urgent care. Our healthcare is an integral part of our lives and I love being part of a team that is working to improve and innovate it. No day is the same and I look forward to seeing where we will be in 6 more months.

Jim Roberts, Digital Marketing Specialist

Product team

“We craft the best products in the field”

The specialists in our product and technology team have over a hundred years of combined experience in developing and bringing the best products to market.

Steve has been working in software development for 15 years and has extensive experience in building enterprise web applications across the finance, insurance and new media industries. At eConsult he is responsible for overseeing the product development, platform architecture and technology strategy.

Steve Lillywhite, Chief Technology Officer

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