Digital triage and remote consultation solutions to meet the needs of your healthcare department.

Areas we support:

eConsult for Outpatients

The only remote consultation platform that offers specialist question sets, and the option of contacting your patients via phone or video and seamlessly moving between the two.


eConsult for Urgent and
Emergency Care

eTriage for NHS Urgent and Emergency Care quickly and safely books in, triages and signposts your patients to the right care.


eConsult for Primary Care

Digital triage for Primary Care with patient safety, multi-communication channels and demand management built-in as standard.


is live in over NHS GP


Across the UK

is live in NHS urgent and
emergency departments


Across the UK

How to choose the right online consultation platform?

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With lots of suppliers and features to choose from, the world of online consultation, digital triage and solutions is a complicated one. We have broken down what we think a GP practice should think about when choosing its perfect supplier.

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How eTriage supports St Richard's

West Sussex Emergency Department

Dr Steve Searle, from West Sussex, explains how eTriage has helped his Emergency Department retain control of their waiting room and allowed them to manage demand during COVID.

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